Portals to the Past
Spotted Salamander

"Portals" was started years ago,  as a way to liquidate many of my Grandmother's estate items. I began with selling books, fine crystal, lighters and aviation memorabilia on AOL. I migrated to eBay where I continued to sell , with the help of my son, the many antiques, jewelry, books and collectibles that I had inherited. I wanted to find "good homes" for all the treasured heirlooms, saving a few as mementos. Our little house was just too small to keep everything!


The antiques, books and memorabilia items are truly  "portals-to-the-past", taking one back in time. 


We have added a page called " An Expat's Encounters ". It will eventually relate some of the experiences that Chris, my son, has had relocating to Poland.

Please enjoy looking at the photos on this page and the next. If you are in the market for a special gift or planning a trip, please use one of the links on the site.

Below you will find pictures taken at Saint Tikhon's Monastery in Pennsylvania. I hope they will inspire!

Tikhon's Bell Tower
For the IRISH in us all! The Irish Store

Most of the above photos were taken at St. Tikhon's Monastery in PA. It is a very nice place to visit and be refreshed! There is a small museum and a coffee shop/ bookstore/ reading room combo.


The last photo is of our beloved Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church in Middletown, N.Y. You can click the blue title under the photo. It is a link to the church website where you will find additional information and links on the Faith.

An egg standing on end on the first day of Spring! It works!
The above photo is of an egg standing on end on the first day of Spring! I tried this several times and it does work! Haven't tried it since as it is only suppose to work on the one day of the year.